Corporate & Social Responsibility in Incentive Travel

We have invested a lot of time as the leading DMC in Ireland connecting with worthwhile projects that will allow your client give of themselves to less fortunate communities. Beyond financial donations we can now offer you some great options to make your Meetings & Conferences CSR friendly event:

  • Hands on involvement with refurbishment projects in schools in deprived inner-city locations
  • Painting colourful murals for children’s wards in hospitals
  • Painting and repairs in homes of elderly people
  • Refurbishment of a reading & library project for challenged young children
  • Why not build a bear and donate the bear to a local children's hospital
  • Use the bike as a mode of transport for one of the groups tours rather than using a coach
  • Use vegetable centrepieces rather than floral centrepieces and donate the vegetables to a soup kitchen
  • If you chose to use floral centrepieces we can donate the centrepieces to local hospices
  • On the coach transfers for the group upgrade the water on board to Ballygowan water as for every bottle bought a donation is made to cancer research
  • Have your guests bring a toy from their local area and have this donated to a local school or children's hospital
  • Use more environmentally friendly lighting for your events ie. LED lights
  • Set up an App for your event rather than sending a lot of paperwork to your guests will all of the information on the app
  • On the return journey to the airport collect your guests remaining Euro and donate the Euro to a nominated charity  

Contact Elina to find out more about our current projects and working with Wallace Travel Group, the leading DMC in Ireland: