Virtual Events

Embrace the Virtual World in 2021 with Wallace Travel Group with our Virutal Events.

As we settled into our remote reality in 2021, our social experiences became virtual, and two things became clear. First, the world became more remote, and second, this new world needs high-quality virtual experiences to keep us connected. 

Although we, like all our clients and vendors, are looking forward to resume in person events, are still very much focused on virtual experiences. The virtual event shift has also allowed a pause to look at a more sustainable approach to how events are run and the possibility to create safer and more inclusive environments.

Virtual tours of Ireland with a twist, virtual pub crawls, Irish Musical Bingo events online, virtual team building activities, social events and, if you prefer, a custom-built virtual experience –  engage your clients or energize your team online using the award-winning event technology! 

Get in touch to find out what we can offer for your next virtual event, contact to start planning today!