Tourism Ireland Welcomes +10.3% Growth in Overseas Visitors for the First Half of 2014

By wtgadmin2, Monday, 28th July 2014 | 0 comments

Today’s figures from the CSO for overseas visitors to the Republic of Ireland show growth of +10.3% for the first half of 2014, an additional 324,400 additional visitors when compared with January-June 2013.

Overseas visitor numbers are up +10.3% for January to June 2014 – or 324,400 additional visitors.

Great Britain: the GB market recorded growth of +14% – more than 176,000 extra British visitors.
North America: 2014 looks set to be another record year for tourism from North America, with growth of +11% for January to June – an additional 54,900 visitors.

Mainland Europe: visitors from Mainland Europe grew by +6% – 68,800 extra arrivals – with the German (+18%), Spanish (+22%) and Italian (+4%) markets turning in particularly good performances.

Australia and Developing Markets: arrivals from Australia and our other long-haul markets grew by +14%, or 24,400 more visitors, over the same six-month period last year.